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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> with all the prostitution ann stuff in this area, somethingmeg long should have been done about it, and i just really hope thatt a pervert hasn't come and pickei up this little child and taken him away. >> reporter: police say they are paying special attention to certain homes.ce >> we have a offensive registrye unit with the known sex sex offenders in the >> reporter: she an td her her young children just moved to the neighborhood in april. >> he can read, he has aa photographic memory, he could co talk to me, carry a fullfull conversation with me. me. he could spell. he knows how to write his full name. >> reporter: other parents of children with autism say finding michael will be tricky. tricky >> most of the time they won't o respond to their name. they won't respond to verbalrbal commands. they may be scared and run off.f you just have to be extratra careful when approaching an autistic child. >> reporter: now, the latest la
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to join the search are about a dozen off-duty firefighh are going through theh th neighborhood looking for michael kins purringy who hakins bury, o water. he loves to play for water, so o there's a concern with swimmingw pools and other small bodies ofs water and they're not too far away, will. >> understandable, bob barnardod with the story. a support for embattledd kenneth ele ellerbe. el a group of people expressed their displeasure with the way y the city council was treating ellerbe. they suggest politics and race e had something to do with it. it paul wagner is here with the the story. >> reporter: 20 or so people pe gathered reporters on thers on e 5th floor of the building and questioned why the chief was taking so much heat from the d.c. members of the council. co.
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and they called that nobody called of the recision nation of the previous chief and suggested that. race with a high-profile endorsement from the firefighters union. >> i too, feel that things have gone on before he became our our fire chief, nothing was done doe about it, but all of a sudden, n we have people in the city city council that is calling for his resignation. i think that they need to just t let him do his job and do ondo with the business of the city. >> reporter: what one mann noted no one had asked for chief dennis resignation following stories that reflected padly onn the fir-- badlyon the departmen >> i said they didn't call for his resignation. r >> do you think it's racial. >> they didn't do anything about rubin. he sold our fire trucks, no onee called for a real investigation. this man sheer, step back, let
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him do his job for those of us s who are here and did not leave the city and are still here. >> reporter: several people pe including retired firefighterrer laid the blame on firefightersfi who are he i resisting the chies desire of the popular schedule of 24 hours on and 72 hours off. >> did the chief, incumbent members of the city council running for mayor. is the endorsement of the unionn more important than doing the work for their >> reporter: the fire chief che troubles spiked a little bit over a week ago when a report re for tommy wells the head of thee jejudiciary committee said thatt the fire and ems was in a crisis and had no confidence that the fire chief would implement the fire redeployment plan. pl we tried to talk to the chief ce outside of headquarters todayadt but he went inside of the building when he saw our camera. a few minutes later, chief, kiii
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talk to you.u. the chief came out to get in his car, but drove off without witht rolling down his window or evenn saying a word. >> reporter: just after the th chief drove off, we received an e-mail from the chief and the te said that could not come andcome speak to us, because he wase hes dealing with a quote, sensitive personnel i sent anrs e-mail back, that wt can come ask talk to you, but we never did hear from the chief. h 1 oone of the notes, tommy welle said that the group came to to visit him.visit they suggested that they read rd his report so they understandun what is going o he reminded theh that he has not asked for the chief's resignation. paul wagner, paul, thank you.u. new information tonight no this weekend's deadly plane ple crash in san francisco. authorities say that the pilot t of asiana had only 43 hours ofof flight experience on that plane. three tee teenagers were killed,
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more than 1 if i wer 150 were so hospitals on friday. fr there's questions whether one of the victims was run over by one of the ambulances. we are at the san francisco airport with the latest tonighth the. >> reporter: boeing engineers s and south korean investigatorsvs are taking part this had investigation, all four pilots i are being interviewed and we're learning the pilot at the timee of the crash was training onainn this plane.plane. the captain at the helm of asiana flight crashed on his first attempt at landing the boeing 777 at san francisco fr international airport. >> eswas experience pilot and aa prior captain, but he was was working on get his ratings on the 77 >> reporter:777. >> reporter: the transportation is looking at the rest, and duty. >> the pilot duty time, the rese opportunities and the activityda thatct had taken place in the ds leading up to the crash.
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>> reporter: we're now seeing the inside of the ill fatedfa aircraft for the first time. energies crews sharing how theyy -- emergency crews sharing howgo they rescued those that theythat could not walk away. away >> the fire was banking down on us, we had heavy black smoke. >> reporter: federal investigators are questioningar whether one of teen victims wass run over on the tarmac by rescue vehicles. >> there's been information and evidence to suggest that one off our fire apparatus, may have come into contact. >> reporter: for now the ntsb and fire crew airport is waiting for the coroner to determine the cause of death. deat >> as of this time because we have not established thosehose facts, we cannot answer your question. >> reporter: federal investigators are very rude the surveillance rid t video to seef of the victims was run over byey an emergency vehicle, but it's inconclusive. jennifer davis, fox news. tonight egypt is plungingpli
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further into chaos after clashel between the muslim brotherhood and the military that toppled the democratically elected president. either side is watching and urging calm.. we are there with the latest. >> reporter: deeper and darker battle lines emerge in in egypt as the muslim battle hood calls on the to call on military as they removed morsi from power. this after, clashes between soldiers in kiro, the cairo, iss attacked the building, at least if i are dead50 are dead, repore than 300 injured.00 >> i don't think the muslim brotherhood armed with thistics, and stones is going to be any ay match for the egyptian what i'm worried is that they join forces with al-qaeda. >> reporter: they form a new
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a coalition government will go on. >> what we should be doing is urging >> reporter: that is part ofatf the message from washington lawmakers and the administratiot as it watches its close ally in the arab world try to piece pie together a stable government. >> i don't know what else ourelr nation can do at this time othet than to urge the military to move along in a responsible waye >> reporter: some in congress like senator john mccain says ss the u.s. should suspend aid $1.5 billion is on the line. >> will cutting off aid will akk selaccelerator enhance thehancee possibility of having a true democratic government, i don't o think so. >> that aid gives us the abilitb to influence what is happeningha today. >> reporter: they wouldey investigate today's incident but warning that protesters should not approach the military or any vital installation. connor powell, fox a new tropical storm is churning tonight in the atlantic. tropical storm chantal is is centered nearly 500 miles
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outside of barbettas and moving at moving at 25 miles per hour, does chantal pose any threat too u.s. soil right now? now? >> not right now. suggesting anything other than that, is premature. premat wind are 45 miles per hour, west northwest movement, pretty, tooo 26 miles per hour, there's someo thought that there may be a be little strengthening here as itt crosses over into the caribbean we got to keep an eye on that. h another thing to mention is the national hurricane center is is just about to have a plane down there, that canal evaluate with the plane thethe exact expensety o intensity of storm the way they have done it is by looking at satellite. satelli they will do more when the plane gets out there. there. way out in the future on saturday there's a suggestion that what would be tropical
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depression chantal may be up in the bahamas, and it will be closer to florida. florid we will be tracking this alls al week long. >> gary mcgrady in the weatherwe center, thanks for the update. p whose screams were heard on the 911 call, that question quen playing out on trayvon martin case today. toda spitzer is running forunninr office again, we will tell you u the bizarre connection he has hs with one of his opponents. po and redskins quart back, ba robert griffin the third a a married man. but more people are talking about the video he made after ma the ceremony than the wedding itself. hey, laura i'm in richmond, virginia, standing outside of the redskins training facility. we will take you and show you yu what the fields look likes and video, that included guest appearances of governor robert
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mcdonnell. that as the news continues. 
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inside and hernandez is chargede with child endangerment, shent,e left her eight-month-old son in- a car for six hours friday whilh she went to work. she didn't notice that the babea hbabywas in the car until she wo
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pick up 1 of her other children she rushed the baby to the babyt hospital but the baby did not survive. several witnesses testified aboutse the 911 calls recorded e night trayvon martin was killed we have more from the courthous in sanford, florida.ida. i met jorgie at mortgagemore company. >> reporter: one by one, zimmerman's friends took thefrie stand today. >> do you know whose voice that is in the back ground.. >> yes, definitely, it's jorgie >> how is it that you know that. >> i just hear -- i hear him. m. >> that was a former co-workercr in zimmerman's wife's bestst friend, the defense asking eacha one of them who they believe was screaming in the back growfned f this 911 call.this >> i thought it was 9 george. >> whose voice that was yellingn in the background.
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>> george's. >> how do you know that.u >> i recognize his voice. i've heard him speak many times, i have no doubt in my mind thatd is his voice. voice. >> george zimmerman's voice.rma >> that is george zimmerman's best friend and then a co-worker followed by a business associate. but the one who captured everyone's attention.ntion. >> in the misconduct, there's ae lot of people yelling, screaming -- >> a former army medic who who served in battle in vietnam andd made a career for himself as a physician's assistant. a >> there's absolutely no doubtu in my mind that is george zimmerman. and i wish to god i did not hava to ability to understand that. . >> next, the defense called on the lead investigator to tell what happened when he heard the screams -- played the scream for trayvon martin's father. >> i asked him if that was his i son yelling for help. >> what did he say? >> he was more of a -- verbal,vl and none verbal, he looked away
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and under his breath said no. n. >> tracy martin had to get up at one point in the midst of this h but returned.returned. next was george zimmerman'ss martial arts.rtia >> did you assist him in that regard. >> yes, sir. >> absolutely. >> how so. so >> we put him in a train.train. >> after a year of going to a a gym and taking grambling,grambl, zimmerman lost more than 40 pounds and certainly not a fighter. >> on the scale of 1-10 whenwhen george zimmerman first got to you, what number would you a sipe to his ability. >> 25. >> trayvon martin's father took a stand later in the day. day. he testified that he never denied it was his son's voice screaming for help on the 911 call, contradicting earlier earl testimony from police officers.. tracy martin said he couldn't ct
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tell if it was his son after the first time listening to that call. lawyers defending the armyay private who gave classified clai information to wikileak began be their case today.y. bradley manning began the case a by asking a judge to acquit himm of aiding the enemy. the court-martial trial is inton its six week in maryland.nd. edward snode snow den has aw supporter, he supports venezuel and any other latin americanamen country that is willing to give asylum to snowden.den. snowden has until today to accept ve venezuela's officer, n so part con -- offer, and so far the country has not heard from him. a report from the pentagon inspection general says that the records were sent to the cia to keep them better protected fromm
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going public.goin the documents were handled in aa manner consistent with the facta that the operation was conductee under the cia's direction. direc president obama laid out his vision for delivering better government services.rn he wants to use tech knowledge t to maktechnology tomake it easio get it. >> i met with my cabinet, mostco of them have private sector sect experience. i directed this to the cabinet to develop an aggressive management agenda for my second term that develops a smarter, more innovative and more accountable government. >> congress gives a lot of lip service by making congress moree efficient but won't prove thatp which is necessary to make ma congress possible. >> launching a political comecoe back. he plans to run for the city's comptroller's office.r's office. he resigned five years ago amidst a prostitution scandal. he wants to transform the
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office, -- kristen davis who ra the prostitution ring who spitzer was accused of frequenting was also running. did you get caught in the rain, one minute it was perfectly fine and the next minute, something out of theg oe gym, it was a downpour. >> no, it was pe terrible, and e humidity is out of control. >> i'm not in the mood. >> is there anything you like. >> yeah, none humid 80-degree,g, 70-degree. i'm not that picky. >> anything you liked aboutbout today. >> you loved it other than that. >> right. >> here is what is going o we do have a couple of showers andd thunderstorms down to the southt and as will mentioned we didwe have the spotty to scattered thunderstorms through the dayy today, which provide aid little bit of previous, heavy rain in spots, but in terms of what is s happening right now, it really is all down to the very, veryvee south of us, most, well, all of
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this is south of fredericksburgf right now. and there's nothing popping up,, really around here. but at least there's a chance for something spotty that indee may pop up, but later on this evening, later, between now andn 8:00, and our chances forr anything developing, really arer few and far in between. temperatures actually in some places today, temperatures will cool nicely, by some of those th thunderstorms that did pop up. gaithersburg, 92, 84 for fo frederick, and 85 around dulles. we haven't had temperatures liks these in the arch in quite a while.wh actually it has been a littlele cooler today, spotty thunderstorms around at 7:00, 7, and it's basically warm and muggy.mugg temperatures will get down to the 70s, laura, more of thee same. >> we can deal with it, it'sit's summertime in washington.on. it could be worse, it could be lot worse. >> as we continue on the 5:00, the washington monument iss marking a milestone. les
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find out how the national parks gives a plan to bring thethe milestone pack to life. we will have the details coming up. ♪
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it will be a sight toit w behold, even ilthough the d.c. landmark is under going repairs the last time it underwent repairs it was more than ae thaa decade ago.cade ag they are holding a speciall ceremony to turn on the light. lauren demarco is on the th ground for the ceremony. >> reporter: the ceremonyhe c takes place at 8:00 p.m. thisths evening, now typically, the, the washington monument as we know it, is lit up at night by theseh big lights that shine up at it. right now there's the scaffolding, because of the all of the re-construction that hasu becten going on. that scaffolding has beenaffoldn covered with ag blue-gray jim. well, just behind that jim hundreds of light bulbs will be
5:25 pm
placed they will be lit up up tonight restoring the glow on the national mall. the scaffolding is in place as part of the ongoing restorationt following the 2011 earthquake, the 5.8 magnitude quake caused s cracks into the structure. no one else was seriously hurt. the repairs were extensive and the monument is not expected to reopen until next spinning.spin. this won't be the first timefirt that mo monument will be illuminated. this was the architecture of the gray, we should see a similar view tonight, and this is desig that we're going to see this ths evening was used to exaggerate the monument stone pattern and r the mortar that is beingg repaired. we will find out more about tha this evening. i can tell you fill a philanthrt david ruben stein of the carlisle group helped to fund fu
5:26 pm
this project. it was maxed by congress, he iss going to be speaking tonight. everything will start at seive , 8:00 p.m. will the ceremony andd the lighting will take place at sunset. >> look forward to seeing it for myself. lauren, thank you.en, thank one ofyo d.c. most popular n most expensive museums to visiti is in big money trouble.troue. they analyzed documents for the museum. it shows that the mew se museums lost millions of dollars, tos, o stop the financial pleading, the mew see -- bleeding the museum has laid off workers and has reorganized educational program and trying to create new fundraising. the governor outlines transportation plans for aplansa county that is ripe for developments. why the projects could lead to o hundreds of new jobs. why street cars are one step closer to becoming a reality in d.c.
5:27 pm council membersmembs cracking down a crimes, the steps being taken to protect th elderly from financial abuse. o
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an economic boost to prince george's county, not only willy, it lead n to more jobs t will he any of us that commute beth be peaker has the details. >> reporter: this is not far nt from the metro station, as can you see, this is a tough place l for a pedestrian to cross the road. >> i don't think it's possible.s >> reporter: it's kind of hard. >> the governor says this problem and a number of others could be fixed with projects he announced today. >> it will make our roads safer and per for pedestrians, and also better to move traffic. >> reporter: maryland's governor o'malley announced a $50 million investment in for aa new access road into the metro
5:31 pm
station and a pedestrian bridge across route 5. also $150 million for a new ne enter change at suitland parkway and a $46 million investment foo pedestrian safety and bicycle lanes across prince george's county. >> it's going to make aa difference in the quality of life. as the president said it's going to make a difference in the the economic opportunity for people. >> reporter: officials spoke from the branch avenue metro, a, spot where they are hoping thene federal agency will eventually relocate on metro-owned land. >> the biggest things that help us in development is infrastructure. you cannot do redevelopment without having the resources. >> reporter: the projects projc combined will bring 4,000 jobs.. >> people that is unfortunateune that these jobs --obs >> we have the ability to chang the future and that is what what we're doing with the announcement of these projectser today. >> reporter: o'malley says maryland has recovered 95% of 9f the jobs lost during the th recession, but the state must mu keep moving forward.ard. prince george's county bethbeth
5:32 pm
parker, fox 5 news. construction is about touc begin on a tinew car barn for d. three car lines a cording to wcop, starting this week, planss to rebuild, in front of sin si guard high school in northeast. it serves as a car barn wherewhe trolleys will be inspected, repaired, the actual facility will be built this fall. it's expected to finished by by next summer. the car barn will act as a a command center for street barssa which will serve the 8th 8t street corridor. it's hard to imagine someone who want to take advantage of an elderly person.pers we all heard about the physical abuse of the elderly. have you heard of the exploitation, that was the focus of a meeting today. >> reporter: the thought ofe to this just makes you sick, but we found out today that it happens much more than people think. d.c. leaders are currently looku ago the legislation that will wi strabestablish stricter penalti
5:33 pm
and they're looking at elderlyey financial abuse. >> the bilk discussed is called the charles and hilda may son elderly abuse clarification act. hilda mason, says he her cor sat her mental health began to fail as she left the council in 1998. hilda's daughter tells us her mower anmother and stepfather we financially abused after namingg a trustee to handle their affairs, but the trustee didn't do the job.ob. >> all i wanted to her to give e them good care, and the healthcare they would sneak and steal, and steal their food. >> reporter: we heard fromfrom seniors who were victimized by strangers. brenda kelly says her friend was befriended by strangers whogerso gained the guardian ship of herr
5:34 pm
mother's affairs. >> i went there, she didn't didn brush her teeth. teeth. this was a lady who was very particular, and everybody around her was people that i didn't expect, if i had died and comeme back i wouldn't have expected e thosex people. >> reporter: in many cases cass the court appointed guardians gd provide the tender care needed. but tommy wells called thee series to root out those who who commit financial abuse.cial >> i hope to hear ideas on how w we can implement better tools and procedures in the guardian i ship to help citizens andand eliminate adult of elderly adults. one other proposal that isht getting a lot of talk in this is bill would prevent a person whon has been convicted of a pewsing a -- abusing a senior fromfrom inheriting from that senior wheh he or she passes away. this is a first public hearing,, committee members are expectedmb to ertake what they learn here today, work on it over the
5:35 pm
summer recess and have a solid plan in place in just a few months, laura. >> good to see the city councilt is trying to do something aboutt this. matt ackland, thanks. coming up tonight, why a child's diabetes risk may be be tied to the introduction of solids foods.lids >> and twinkies making a come back. we are going to make big change to the iconic snack. we will be right back. mom...
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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a health alert abouthe preventing type one tieal beets. new research indicates thee development of diabetes can be traced to what a baby eats early in life. life research studied the eating habits of 1800 babies. they found a person has a lower risk of developing diabetes if mother's breast feed their babies while introducing solid foods. solid foods are often high inghn
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col reese. calories. >> now on to the twinkie story. if you have been in twifngy twin withdrawal in the past severall months. your wait is about over.. twinkie is making a come back next week and consumers willcon notice one change. twinkies can stay in the box longer than before.lo it will have a shelf life of 45f days compared to 26 days underdr the ownership day. hostess isn't saying whataying changes are being made to keepep these guys fresher. >> maybe you don't want to known n fact, if you care what is in your food you might know what is gmos are. even if you do know what they ty are, you might not know why theh haeyve become on controversialrl lately. they are foods that have been genetically modified in an process in which you transfer dn. a frodna from one food to anoth. there's growing concern among
5:40 pm
farmers, scientists, environmentalists, healthenta professionals object an and conv what gmos are doing to our health. >> we know it's linked to more chemical use. >> this is the food & drugfood g administration, the medica amerc medical organization have saidea that there's no health risk.ris. >> tonight at 10:00, i will hav a lesson in gmo foods and telld you why some people say they should be labeled as such. such. and why labeling could kill an n spire industry.e from grammy win mother to -- winner to state prisoner, weprie have the latest at lauryn hillhl starts her state prison. what is going on. >> reporter: this is the redskins train being camp facility. in a few minutes we will take you inside and show you what thh fields like like. and the summer-like temps te
5:41 pm
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believe it or not, redskinss training camp is opening today. and the media was invited to thh day two of training fa sil faci. >> a lot of people want to bele there now. >> i know they do, but they hava to wait at least two more weeksk two terms were thrown out, field of dreams and field of opportunities. there's a players that will will realize their dreams of making their football dreams.dreams. and all economic activities herc in the city of ric richmond. city is expecting over 100,000r0 people to come here to trainingg camp. before that, a sneak peek at at
5:45 pm
what has been done ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we are proud to present to you today, the washington redskins training center, it is done. >> after break ground in february, the city of richmond is ready to welcome the redskin on july 25th for the startthe of training camp. camp guests including virginiavirgia governor bob mcdonnell, and richmond mayor possible jonesjos celebrated the opening of the $10 million facility today. >> the training camp down herewe does so many things, not only do gungyoung people here, young and get to see the redskins practici for a couple of weeks, but loudoun county is going to bety the permanent home for the th washington redskins andon redsk everything that goes with it. >> reporter: the new training i
5:46 pm
center includes two full sizeze natural gas fields, a drill field, spectator areas, lockerlr rooms and a high-tech trai room. it will house the redskins for o three weeks, the first training camp away from ash burn, since 2002. >> you really get a chance to be around your own players. coaches get a chance to controll the environment instead ofro having thnme guys depo off home try and figure out when you're going to get them to go home. what you have is you have a a centrally located area where you can totally focus and and concentrate on building camaraderie, building a teamteam concept. getting the guys to understand that we're in all of this thingg together. i felt when we were in carlisle, pennsylvania we developed ad a mentality that it was us us dependence the world. wo >> and it will be -- against the world. >> and it will be the redskins i against the world as they try to defend the fec title. and for two weeks it belongs to
5:47 pm
the redskins, but for the rest of the year it will be held as a rehab center, and it will host on other youth programs, so a great investment for the city of richmond, laura. very exciting. thank you for telling us about it. ♪ ♪ >> believe it or not, this vide is being called the first rst official video release of mr. and mrs. robert griffin thee third. yes, it is and that is robert griffin the third better known as rgiii and star quarter backbk of the redskins, it appears tha he is wearing a mask singing a song called pop rock and tootty pop. he didn't discuss the meaning o this video, although he can ca tweet a few mans following thee release. >> i'm sure that is not the last we will hear. >> we always see from therom the interviews he is so much fun and
5:48 pm
has a good sense of humor.r. hi, gary.hi, >> how is it going? >> good, monday.ay. >> humid. >> but we survived, i would say a pretty decent july of 4th 4th weekend if you want to callant a that. those days were not bad aroundad here. >> that's a gorgeous picture be. >> yeah, it's good n it's been muggy today, there's no doubt no about it, but it has beenbeen cooler, temperatures today actually warmed up into the mid to upper 80s, and then we had a couple of thunderstorms and ad that cooled things down a little bit. so while i'm not going to tell e you it's pleasant out there this evening, it is nicer, at least in terms of the temperatures and than it has been in quite quit iwhile. here is the look of sentinelsenl radar, there's nothing popping g up, there's this chance, andchan it's not going to be a greatgret chance, but we could have a spotty thunderstorm still comini down from the north and from the west. 87 here in town, gaithersburg, 82, dulles 85, manassas 86, andn here is the forecast for the evening hours, like i said, a
5:49 pm
spotty storm, an isolated thunderstorm is possible, it's not probable, but it could happen, warm and muggy at fin, i and then a few clouds stillclout around at 11:00, temperature of 79 degrees, a little cooler this week, okay, and that just meanss instead of temperatures, oh, 91 or 92 for a highs, will be moree like in the mid-to upper 80s some this week later on. on it doesn't look like we're in for a huge cool down. down it could help us out a little al bit. in terms of what is going o nott much, this is summertime arounda here, showers and thunderstormst popping up in places in the heac of thees day, and with it theres a little instability in they inh upper levels of the atmosphere, something like it's happening right here through michigan and ohio. it's a little bit more widespread with the showers andd the thunderstorms, depend, justt looking at -- again, justagai looking at this, there's no rain weather feature that we're we'r keeping an eye on now, at leastt not for now.not for it's going to be mild much like
5:50 pm
we have been here in the city. the temperatures will be in the mid-70s, a little cooler outo in the suburbs, but not a whole lot cooler.t we will have some clouds again, winds will just be barely out of southwest at 5 miles per hour. the day part forecast looksforeo likes this, a few clouds, clouds temperature will warm up aroundd 80 degrees, even by 8:00, sun sn and clouds around at noontime, and late in the afternoon, aft depend tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, we could have some widely scattered pop up up thunderstorms, and certainlys, nothing more than a that. the temperature tomorrow, maybeo some of yourr will get up to 90r 91 degrees, but at least here i the city, we're talking about the chance that we will justll u stay in the upper 80s, and 80s,a look at the seven-day forecast, i mean it is very kifnt very cot but there's one thing that we we have seeing had thservedthserv seven-day period that -- this seven day period that we weren'e seeing last week.eing las temperatures are dropping into n the 80s, every single day da
5:51 pm
there's a chance for a shower o a thunderstorm.erstorm. >> okay. >> even a drop of a few degreesg when you're talking from 90 to o 85, that's a big difference. dif >> it does make a big difference and humidity helps a little bit, too. but humidity will stay with us. >> all right, gary. >> some some form or fashion.fa. thanks, gary. talk of the town at tmz, lauryn hill checks into prison. she started her three monthmonth sentence for tax evasion, right in. >> yes, she did check in federal prison this morning in dan bury, connecticut, that is where she t is going to beha serving the the months, it's a minimum security prison, so you know, there's nothing too crazy, hopefully that depose on i goes on in ther she is going to be in like aa bunk, it's almost like going too summer camp. mp. >> will she get out before therh three months for good behavior? >> i mean, i believe there's
5:52 pm
always a chance of that, but from what i have seen as far ass federal prisons, they don't let you out early. they don't have the overcrowdin a lot of the other prisons have you usually spend the fullhe amount of time in there. >> she was working on hard tohao pay down the debt, i guess it it didn't keep her out of jail.jai. >> let me move on to wrapper if i sebt, h50-cent he is charged h domestic violence, what can youh tell us about that case? >> esturned last wednesday, domestic violence, and counts of vandalism for beating up a baby mama and tearing up her condo in toluca, california. he was expected to perform at at the omb all-star parties, he ha been dropped from that ve venue. they haven't said who is replacing him. he is such a big game to get him, you x him from the venue is pretty big.big. hopefully there's not more
5:53 pm
fallout until there's a tou due process. it was investigated and the city attorney felt they had enough to charge him with it. it >> any response from 50-cent, i know one of your tmz guys triedr to get him one day and he didn't have anything to do with it. >> his attorney put out a statement that they were crazy allegations, he had nothing to o do witthh it, and they would be cooperating with cops.with >> all the weekend inciden incim photos showing that he wasn't in jail but living in luxury at his house. coming up in just minutes at the news edge at 6 enclosing, 6 new developments on the embezzlement chef dependence thh bob mcdonnell former chef. we are following the details of the teresa heinz kerry ke hospitalized we will haveal an update.
5:54 pm
putting new update of metro cars right at your finger tips. 
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major legal trouble for the son of lawrence taylor, lawrenc taylor junior is being held held without bond 98 georgia taila charged with statutory rape andd sodomy. he is accused of performing a sexual act with underage girl. she has had sex five to six times with the hall of famer son. aaron hernandez was arraigned he is charged with accessory to murder. prosecutors say wallace andwallace another man with hernandez june 17 when they drove odin od lloyd to an industrial park. odin lloyd was later found shot to death. death. it's not clear yet who fired the shot. >> pull over to the side right
5:58 pm
there. >> am i being detained. deta >> the driver is taking toto youtube to make a state that hii car was illegally searched at a dui checkpoint ul4th out in tennessee. the driver claims that the th drivers lied about him having illegal drops and told him ittom was okay to take away his freedom. the video has been seen more than 190,000 times. time the sheriff's office is reviewing the incident to see if any policy or procedures were violated. that is a wrap on the five. laura evans is standing by with the news edge at 6:00. >> reporter: off-the-cuff tonight, new developments in the embezzlement case dependence the virginia governor bob mcdonnell chef, today an an attorney asked the judge toto throw the case out. the chef is the central figure in a bigger case dogging the governor, over gifts they they received from a wealthy donor. .
5:59 pm
tom. >> reporter: well, laura, the attorneys for todd snyder todayo argued that since the commonwealth attorney general's office served under both governor bob mcdonnell and attorney general kent cuccinelli that a conflict of interest tere consists in the estate, and that these charges must be dismissed and lawyers for the commonwealth disagree, ask they as and they case must go on. on todd snyder was the executive ec chef for possibl governor bob mcdonnell. now the scandal is threatening virginia's top two republicans,b charges his lawyers are tryingtg to get thrown out. out. >> if he denies the motion to dismiss we go to trial in october. you understand we look forward to going to trial. >> reporter: snyder isr: snyd charged with stealing